Maybelline Fit Me

A friend once introduced me to the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and I had a bit of a rough start with it. I found it cakey and thick, clinging to the dry patches on my skin and turning orange, even though I had the correct shade.


6 months after I had sworn that I would never use it again, I found myself out of my old concealer and the Fit Me tube was staring at me, begging to be given a second chance. So I prepped and primed my skin using the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer, and dotted the concealer cautiously on my skin. To my shock, it blended beautifully and covered the redness and scarring from previous blemishes. I finally understood why my friend continuously raved about this product and I am so happy to say; it is now my everyday, go-to product.

I was in Tesco with a friend the other day browsing their limited range of makeup, and spotted the concealer and eagerly told her about my little journey with the product but how I now love it. I then looked to the left slightly and discovered they do a Fit Me Foundation. I was very excited at the prospect of a foundation with coverage as good as the concealer. My excitement heightened when I saw it was only £6! I don’t often purchase products that I haven’t had a little look online for reviews and ratings. However this time, I was too impressed at the price and rapidly made the decision that £6 wouldn’t hurt my bank account too much if it was a flop.


I rushed home and quickly cleared my face of the day’s makeup, ready to try my new purchase. I started with my primer once again, concealer and then I applied the foundation with my normal technique, dot it around my face with a brush and blend. It blended into my face really well and had amazing coverage. As well as this, it didn’t feel heavy or thick on my face, as some high coverage foundations can do. It says it gives a natural, seamless finish and for once, I agree!

Its main selling points advertised by the company are:

  •  Mattifies and refines pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin,
  • Matches skin tone and texture,
  • Natural, seamless finish

I can safely say I agree with all three of these statements, especially the one about mattifying your skin as this was one of the first things I noticed. I have never used a dewy foundation, however some show signs of having a less matte finish than others. Fit Me has a seriously matte finish, but as I mentioned before, this doesn’t make it cakey or thick.

This foundation is recommended for people with Normal-Oily skin and I would say that the concealer is also aimed at people with this same skin type. I would highly recommend using a primer, or at very least a moisturizer, before applying both of these products, otherwise any dry skin will be highlighted and will stand out like a sore thumb!

Overall these products are the two I use for my skin, and with careful and thorough removal, neither leave your skin with endless blemishes or blackheads.


I hope you guys will take my word on this and go out and find your new favorite products! Have fun shopping!

Imogen ❤

Primark False Nails

I have recently made an incredible discovery. I was looking to get acrylics done, but where I live, I couldn’t find anywhere that was in the price range I was looking for and was recommended for doing a good job. I then saw my friend with a fresh set of gorgeous nails and instantly asked her how much she had paid for them to look so brilliant! I was shocked when she told me that they were glued on from Primark and cost her £1 for 24!

I went and investigated myself and bought four packets for £4 and was eager to get home and try them out. When I got home, I applied the glue easily to the nails and attached them to my finger nails. A week later, they are still on and looking as good as ever. I am absolutely stunned by the quality and staying power of these nails and at such amazing value.

Here is every reason why I am IN LOVE with these nails and why I would recommend them again and again.

  1. They are incredible value! At £1 a pack, and a pack containing from 24-36 nails (don’t ask why such random numbers), you definitely get more than you pay for.
  2. With the selection from a possible 36 different nails, this offers a wide variety of sizes and they fit nicely over the arch of your nail. This means that they don’t unstick from the pressure of the nail being bent over and arch where it doesn’t want to be.
  3. They are high gloss and shine for the whole time you have them on. Regular washing of your hands helps this and gets rid of any everyday dirt that might build up.
  4. When in the shower and washing your hair, the nails don’t come unstuck and stay firmly in place. This means that you can be confident doing everyday tasks rather than flitting around and trying not to break a nail.
  5. The glue is really easy to apply and each nail is numbered for different sizes so you can make sure the two corresponding fingers on both hands are the same.

Here are some of the ones I have bought on my recent visit.


In summary, I am incredibly impressed with these nails and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheap and quick, but still good quality, nail fix.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have opened your eyes to the amazing world that is Primark Falsies!

Imogen ❤

Summer Style: Dungarees

Black Denim Skinny Dungarees  | New Look

Dungarees hey? The first time I wore dungarees was when I was a toddler, so it seems I am just wearing my old clothes again when I go shopping for the newest style. It seems to be the case with lots of new clothing ideas in the past few years. For example: Onesies, bodysuits, and dungarees. This doesn’t stop them being the most wanted style of the summer and certainly doesn’t stop them flying of the shelves, making retailers lots of $$$.

Dungarees are super easy to style, whether they are full length leg or shorts, both are the the best foundations to use to create your perfect chilled-out summer look. They come in so many different colours, more tears and rips than you can think possible and hundreds of different styles and fits. So if you are thinking, no, I tried some last summer and they weren’t right, go out and try them again! In my town centre there at least 10 different stores that would sell at least 20 different styles!  Retailers know what’s in and what isn’t and so they tailor their clothes to suit the customer. After all, we are the ones with the money! 😉

I’m going to give you three different ways to style your dungarees. I own a pair of shorts dungarees and they are my go to fashion item if I want my legs out but not my tummy!

Number 1: Stripes

You may be shocked to hear this, or not, but the easiest way to wear dungarees is with a basic plain or pattern tee underneath and a pair of fashion trainers! Most of the tee’s I were underneath my dungarees are striped and come from Primark! Not only is Primark great value for picking up all the different colours and patterns you could ever need, but the quality isn’t too shabby either. The material is soft against your skin and if you find a tiny mark or loose cotton when you get home from your shopping day, don’t take it back! (Unless it’s extreme, obviously!) The worn look goes perfectly with dungarees as denim tends to look worn even before you buy it, sometimes it’s even ripped! The t-shirts I own are plain two-toned striped short sleeve, which makes them ideal for underneath dungarees. These can, of course be worn on there own also and can look casual, laid back and are extremely comfortable. Here are some examples of stripes that are in the shops now, so go out and go shopping!

Red Stripe Boxy T-Shirt  | New Look

Blue Stripe Boxy T-Shirt  | New Look

Heartbreak Navy Stripe I Like You Print T-Shirt | New Look

These three are from New Look and are all around £10. You can find cheaper or more expensive ones elsewhere, so take your pick! All you have to do is search ‘striped t-shirts’ into any store’s site and hundreds of results will pop up.

Number 2: Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are great for summer. Okay, yes. They do cause a problem with bra straps and then when wearing a strapless bra it keeps falling down, but with the right bra, off the shoulder tops open up a whole new side to fashion. Not only are they great for getting that bronzed look on your shoulders and not causing icky tan lines, they are again an essential for summer. Coming in long sleeved and short sleeved, there is a top for every occasion, and they are so easy to style with a throw on cardigan or a jumper if it is a bit chillier. Rain macs are the same and can take the chill off the breeze during that summer shower of rain, whilst allowing you to get you tan on, all in the same day! The best ones for wearing with dungarees are soft plain material, so that you aren’t hiding any detail with the denim front. The denim straps on your shoulders are never skin irritating, unless you have super sensitive skin to denim, in which case I would stay clear of this look. The off the shoulder look also allows you to stay cooler on a hot summers day, allowing you to have skin on show but not look too revealing. Again, pair these with your favourite fashion trainers and you are good to go!

Here are a couple of examples you could wear, all found at Asos, all around the price of £10.

Image 3 of Pull&Bear Bardot Top

Image 3 of ASOS The Off Shoulder Top With Short Sleeves

Image 1 of New Look Stripe Fitted Bardot Top

Number 3: Plain w/ Edge Detail

These tops were huge last summer and I remember, when I walked into town to meet people, you almost certainly see at least 20 different girls wearing these tops. After Topshop launched their range, other stores followed, with these tops making an appearance in New Look and Urban Outfitters soon after. They are, of course, still able to be bought today and if you can’t find any in store, go online! Asos have a huge range of long sleeved tops and Topshop and Urban Outfitters still have a wide variety of short sleeved choices online. These tops are usually seen with a white main body and then with a black or coloured trim to the sleeves and neckline. This creates a pretty contrast and as a basic top, they look great underneath dungarees as you can still see the detail!

Here are a few I have found on Asos, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. They range from £10-£30.

Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt With Contrast Sleeve

Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt With Contrast Sleeve

Image 1 of ASOS Cropped Contrast Sleeve Raglan

Grey Contrast Trim V Neck T-Shirt  | New Look

I hope that I have given you some ideas and inspiration with how to wear dungarees, as I know I had no clue when I first bought mine. But after playing around with a couple of ideas I love wearing them, and in the summer they are one of my summer go-to’s.

If you want any of the details for the photographs above, just give them a quick click, and a link will take you to the page. Go out and get shopping!

Imogen ❤


Jack Wills Summer Products

Recently I went on a little shopping spree in Jack Wills where I was treated to a few items ready for my summer. These ranged from a couple of new pairs of jeans, shirts, and even a beautiful new dress. Here I will show you which products I love and what to pair them with, to ensure you have an amazing, fashion-filled summer.

The Fernham High Waisted Super Skinny Jean in Mid Indigo


I bought two pairs of these jeans as they were on offer, buy 2 for £60. They fit really nicely around the shape of your hips and legs and they are super comfortable. They are really soft and this comes from their composite of nearly 50% cotton. They come in individual sizes meaning you can find exactly the right fit for you, and this is really important as they come priced on the slightly steeper side at £49.50. I really like them in the colour Mid Indigo, a beautiful mid-washed denim blue, so whilst not looking pristine and new, they still have colour to them. To keep the colour in, I wash my jeans inside out so they are not in direct contact with detergent. They go with a number of tops; tees, shirts, blouses, anything you want. They can be dressed up with a pair of ballet pumps, or dressed down with a pair of fashion trainers. I am super happy with my jeans and will definitely consider buying more when my other jeans start showing signs of wear and tear. I’m not into the ripped jeans look. 😉

Raddery Floral Print Dress


This is one of my favourite purchases. This dress has a cotton petticoat underneath the skirt, also made of cotton, which gives it lift, not too floaty but more rigid. This is nice for those days with the summer breezes and avoiding any flying skirt incidents! It has a lovely blue floral pattern with hints of red, and this print is one of their favourite prints, with it featuring on many other products, such as underwear, leggings and phone cases. I chose this over a dress with a spaghetti strap, even though I liked both, because it gives the top of the dress more structure and made it feel less like a beach dress and more like an everyday casual dress or for going out to dinner. This dress with a pretty cardigan from their range, for example the one on the right, (Horwich Lace Stitch Cardigan)  would look beautiful and would just add that extra touch that makes up the outfit. Pair these with a pair of casual trainers or ballet pumps and you’re set to go!

Silverdale Leggings in Navy Floral & Govier Leggings in Navy/White


These two pairs of leggings are perfect for the summer when you just want to relax and stay warm in the evenings when the temperature drops slightly. Both have elastic Jack Wills embroidered waistbands which sit comfortably on your hip line / waist line, depending on the size you purchase. The patterns on both are easy to wear with other things, for example a plain tee with a zip-up hoodie on-top, a pair of flip flops, if you’re feeling adventurous, and you’re set. Both fit really nicely around your legs and hips and are both very comfortable against the skin. I would suggest buying them bigger rather than going down a size, even if this means you are buying a size bigger than usual, as they fit nicer around the legs with a bit of extra length. Saying this though, make sure they fit around the waist well and don’t drop down. Staff in-store are friendly and are happy to help with any queries you may have about fittings.

Wilden Boy Pants


Underwear from JW has always been my favourite, and even though they come at a slightly higher price than your quick buy down at Primark, they are worth the money, as they last a long time and are super comfortable. The waist band means they never feel like they are falling down. Because of them being made of 100% cotton (excluding elastics) they are soft and flexible to fit around the curves of your body. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colours and they have recently designed the same classic JW boy pant, but in a thong style, which is great for girls who like different styles but still want to consider being comfy. These also come in 3 packs which makes choosing between the many styles easier and for a limited time the single pants are 2 for £15. (£9.50 singularly).

The Highmoor Classic Fit Shirt


These two shirts are my new favourite tops to wear out. They are made of 100% cotton which makes them incredibly soft and comfy to wear. As a classic fit, rather than a slim fit, they still add to your figure because they are tapered not only at the bust but at the back also so they are naturally drawn in. Both colours are very easy to wear with denim or black jeans, and can be dressed up or dressed down by adding a few little accessories. Both are adorned with the JW logo, the pheasant, and this adds a lovely touch, coinciding with the trim around the inside of the collar and the sleeves. You can tuck the shirt in, leave it out, roll up the sleeves, keep them button and undo or do-up as many buttons to the collar as you want, depending on the look you are going for, but all of the options create a formal but casual look. With care (washing with similar colours and ironing before wear) these shirts will last a long time and can be used for many different occasions.

I know Jack Wills isn’t for everybody, but every piece of clothing in their ranges are made beautifully and are very good quality. Yes, the prices may be higher than other stores, but I swear by Jack Wills for certain things and I just cannot find the same quality and feel about the clothes by other brands. All of these items can be found on the Jack Wills website.

I hope I have inspired your summer and you step outside your comfort zone this season, and remember, you can rock any look you want if you coordinate each bit correctly! Just have a little search on Instagram or Tumblr, or even your favourite brands website and see what they have done! Anything looks good, its just the confidence sometimes needed to pull it off! Have fun girls!

Imogen ❤